Marita Map now Available in Battlefield V

One of the new maps for Battlefield V that was shown off last month at E3 has now been released.

Marita is a map based around the Battle of Greece during WWII. You can check out the overview below

Map Overview

It’s 1941, and the Battle of Greece continues as Allied forces cling desperately to every inch they can hold while Axis forces do their best to crush them beneath their iron heel. Whether you choose to dig in for a last stand with the defenders or try to overwhelm your enemies with the attackers, you’ll need to be prepared for the map’s verticality. Holding the high ground is imperative, especially in the main village, but even the more rural areas contain slopes, walls, and multi-story homes offering a variety of options to players. While there are transport vehicles available to use in Conquest, this map was made for close-quarters infantry combat – where all four Classes will be able to make their mark in the battle.

The map seems to be a fairly small map with flag points relatively close together with tight close quarters fire fights.

Will you be checking out the new map now that it’s launched? There are more maps to come over the next few months and they do look very good.