EA and Nintendo Switch

It’s no secret about the lack of games from EA which grace the Nintendo Switch. Lesser versions of FIFA which don’t include all modes, FE and Unravel, the latter two both being platformers, a genre that in this writers’ opinion is over saturating the Switch market.

4 games. 4 Games from EA in 2 years have graced the Switch, no Madden, No NFL, no Battlefield, no Sims 4, Anthem, Apex Legends or NBA. Plenty of games there that could easily grace the system.

One issue that links most games here is the Frostbite engine, it’s never been developed to work on the Switch (to our knowledge, contrary to rumors), which is probably why most of the games haven’t been ported. FIFA was ported over due to its massive popularity and the fact that Ultimate Team makes EA too much money, but even then, a new game engine was created for it, which meant that big modes like ‘The Journey’ have been MIA from the Switch version.

Now, EA has recently come out to say that they’re not planning on releasing any further games on the Switch at the moment, mainly because from there research, people prefer to play EA games on other platforms.

While this might be the case, the reason for it is because the games being placed onto the Switch are half baked mode missing versions, or they’re games that the greater consensus of EA gamers wouldn’t bother with. I will be honest, if EA was to release full versions of the game, running on the Frostbite engine with full support then I would be more inclined to buy a Switch version. Yes, when I’m out and about, I wouldn’t be able to play Ultimate team or any other online modes, unless I tethered my phone connection to it. Which I would have to say for me, it wouldn’t be worth it, mainly because if I am playing out and about, it’s probably only going to be when I’m visiting the in-laws so I would have Wi-Fi there, or probably just a quick 10-15 minutes while chilling out somewhere, but then, its more than likely that I wouldn’t play in public spaces anyway. Contrary to the advertising Nintendo put out with people playing on rooftops.

Even then, an internet connection wouldn’t stop you playing games, there are offline modes like career modes and ‘The Journey’ that would be playable. Same in online heavy games like Battlefield, there are single-player missions that you can play through.

The outcry online that I’ve seen on social media regarding EA’s comments just shows that their games are wanted on the platform. Yes, people play more on other consoles, but in my opinion, that is only because the Switch has been given half-baked versions in which people would rather pay the same amount and get better quality, better running engine and more for their money.

You put the same amount of effort into the Switch versions and I have a feeling that the player base may shift. It may cause people to double dip and buy on Xbox/PS and Switch, so they can play the full version both on a more powerful console, as well as that same version on the go. It’s also sad that FIFA on the Switch for FIFA 20 is already going to be a legacy edition, which again shows that EA just aren’t willing to put any effort in, but if they can money grab and cash in on something, they will, knowing full well that there are some people out there who only own a Switch and therefore this is there the only option, it’s a terrible approach to it and one I just can’t condone.

It may take a few years for the player bases and true numbers to show, but if the effort is put in, people will come along. I know for one, I would, I would love to have a full-fat FIFA on Switch, to be able to play Battlefield V where ever I went and knock around a puck on the go. It would be a dream, and I seriously hope EA is looking at this and the outcry on social media and are looking to get something done. I highly doubt they are, but I can hope that future games will be considered for the Switch.