Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Revealed in Stunning 48 Minute Walk-Through

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CD Projekt/Bandai Namco

Sometimes it has definitely felt as if we would have to wait until 2077 to see CD Projekt Reds latest blockbuster RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. Some even thought it was a thing of myth, a tale that had been told of something that didn’t even exist and would never see the light of day. That all changed during Xbox E3 with the excellent end of show reveal during which the game was shown off as if the breifing had been hacked. Hype levels were off the chart….and yesterday CD Projekt Red sent those hype levels off the planet with their 48 minute reveal of Cyberpunks gameplay.

For someone like me who actually played the game in its pen and paper form during the 90’s, I am pleased to see how authentic the developers have kept it to the original material. Night City is no longer only a city in my imagination, it is a living breathing visualisation and I can’t wait to visit it. Mentions of Ripper Docs, Jonny Silverhand, Militech and a whole host of other nods to the source material suggest the franchise is in the very best of hands with CD Projekt Red. Check out the amazing trailer above.

Were you blown away with the gameplay? Did you decide, like me, to spend whatever whenever to get your hands on this game? Please feel free as always to leave a comment below, and we hope to see you in Night City in the not too distant future.