Call of Duty 2019 Reveal Today….

Today we get to see what this years Call of Duty is going to be. Heavy rumours indicating it’s going to be a soft reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise. Any and all rumours will be squashed today as true or false.

You will get to see the reveal today at 6pm GMT / 10am PDT / 11am MDT / 12pm CDT / 1pm EDT.

Where will you be able to check the reveal? Well, this hasn’t officially been announced yet, but you can guarantee that it will be the usual place of Call of Duty YouTube and Twitch accounts, as well as other social media platforms.

What can we expect from the reveal? Trailers, new info and tidbits, and probably a little bit of information on what the game is going to contain, with more info coming at E3…. most likely.

Call of Duty 2019 is set to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year.

Are you looking forward to seeing what the new Call of Duty has to offer, or are you getting fed up with the yearly releases? Let us know in the comments below.