BoxPlay – 9 levels to smash your controller – Third and First Person Shooters.

Having recently picked up Modern Warfare remastered to begin the long slog of beating the game on Veteran for the second time in my life, I genuinely forgot how hard some of the levels were. So hard in fact I nearly reverted to my late teen persona, with a feeling of anger so great I wanted to smash my TV in, break my controller and never play the damn game again. Obviously since becoming a responsible person and a dad I have learned to suppress this anger much like the Hulk in the latest Avengers. In fact the only game to remotely rile me in recent years is FIFA online, generally because it is full of cheating bastards that obviously can’t be better than me. Here are my top 9 levels that really piss me off in First Person and over the shoulder shooters.

9 – Medal of Honour; Allied Assault– Operation Overlord- Hard Difficulty

Back in 2002 when this game released I would have just been turning twenty, which is a good job as this level turned me to drink quite a few times. The Normandy Landing during this mission was one of those moments a game genuinely felt like it had reached a new level. The difficulty however was so absurd on Hard, it was quite impossible to take in the atmosphere and setting  of the game as 90% of the time when the landing boat would drop its front you would be brutally shot to shit….time after time after time.  If you were lucky enough to get to the beach you would die there many times as well. No-where was safe. A sandy tomb is where hours and hours were spent. Eventually you would make it to the sea wall, thinking the worse was over……wrong. There lies after numerous bunkers to clear with enemies who could shoot a flea off a dog’s back. It makes the new(ish) COD:WW2 feel like a walk in the park. If you like a challenge then you need to try this game if you have not already.

8 – Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare- One Shot one Kill- Veteran

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph I have recently picked up on this game again since completing it way back when on the Xbox 360. I loved the game so much I managed to get all 1000 gamer points, something I may struggle with this time around. One Shot One Kill is a brilliant mission, especially how it is set up from the mission before in All Ghilled Up. After blowing off Zakhaev’s arm from your lofty position in a nearby high rise, you start to retreat to a landing zone near the famous Ferris wheel in Chernobyl……oh and you have an entire far right activist army chasing you…plus helicopters and dogs. Fun! It’s difficult enough during your escape but things take a turn for the worse when your buddy takes a tumble and you have to carry him for the remainder of the mission, putting him down at various points to fend off the chasing pack. The real fight comes at the end when you have to fend off hoard after hoard of enemies, helicopters and dogs until the chopper arrives to whisk you away. This is not easy at all. You will die a lot! So much it almost feels impossible, but the sense of achievement once you finally get on your ride out of there is ecstatic.

7 – Gears of War – Coalition Cargo- Insane Difficulty

Now I know I may take stick for this as although insane difficulty is hard on its own, when you are playing co-op this mission is not too bad at all. The difficulty I found playing this was when I played on my own the amount of time the AI would cause me to fail the mission. As you set off in separate mine carts through a furnace, you as Marcus take one route and your AI partner Dom takes another. Generally you have to fight off wave after wave of Lambent Wretches that crawl on the ceiling and the odd Locust who will fire at you from the side. The main issue however is not your own performance but that of dickhead Dom. The sheer amount of times I failed this mission because he would succumbed to the enemy waves was infuriating. So much so I had to take regular breaks from playing and resisting the urge to flip my TV over. I am not sure whether or not this has since been patched, and it may not even be an issue at all in the newly remastered version. Let me know in the comments below.

6 – Ghost Recon Wildlands- The Predator Finale

We all know the Predator is a bad ass. If you were to watch every film he is portrayed in, and forget them all except the original with Arnie, you will know he is a mean mother f-er1! Well the developers of Ghost Recon Wildlands decided to take this to an infuriatingly new level. The Predator DLC sees you and your team undertake a series of missions, leading to a face-off with old crab face deep in the jungle. What you don’t expect is hour upon hour of trying to defeat the bastard. He can do his usual tricks of turning invisible, attacking you with a hand blade and throwing disc along with crack shot aim with his shoulder cannon. Trying this on your own with a few allies from the rebels is nigh on impossible, in fact it was so hard me and a couple of friends almost gave up on trying to beat him until after a few late night gaming sessions we finally got our reward….some crappy face paint to add to your character. Thanks Ubisoft.

5 – Call of Duty 3 – Hill 493 – Veteran Difficulty

I hated this level! It was one of the most mentally draining experiences I can remember as a gamer. You basically have to ascend a hill occupied by three MG42 nests and a shit load of infantry. Oh and the infantry are packing shotguns with incendiary ammo that insta-kill you from annoyingly inaccurate distances to boot. Also grenade after grenade after grenade.  Culminating in a gruelling slug fest to take out the nests and finally reach some frustratingly long check points I managed to beat the level. However I think with all the stress I may have actually shortened my physical lifespan for real. Tough one!

4 – Call of Duty World at War – Downfall

Call of Duty World at War is to some COD fans the greatest title in the series. Truth be told it is up there for me as well along with MW1 and 2. The finale campaign mission Downfall however is not one for the faint hearted. This took me hours and hours just to get to the very first few checkpoints. The mazy confines of the Reichstag create handy bottle necks for the enemy AI to cut you down, and spam the absolute shit out of you with grenades. The fight in the Parliament balcony and lower floor is just an absolute cluster f**k of death, tears, toil and smashed Xbox/PlayStation consoles. Panzerschrek rains down on you with unlimited supply it seems, and you also have to kill what seems like the general population of Germany in wave after wave of enemies. Finally at the end you raise the Russian Hammer and Sickle flag a-top of the German Parliament as you sit at home sobbing with happiness that this nightmare has finally come to an end.

3 – Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare – Heat – Veteran Difficulty

No mission sits more recently in my mind than this SOB. The reason for that is that I have only just completed it for the second time in my life having picked up the remastered version for my Xbox One.

And WOW if forgot how difficult this mission actually is. The fight to the top of the town and the farm where you face off against three tanks and a whole army of far right activists is hard enough. The fight back down the hill almost made me cry tears of blood because it is infuriatingly hard. I am not sure if this is an age thing and my reflexes are not what they once were, but I honestly cannot remember this mission causing me so much grief. So much so it took me three nights and about 5 hours to get this done. Wave after wave of enemies with impossibly good aim, and despite a whole host of aerial power at your disposal, getting back down the hill has been one of the hardest levels I have played in recent memory. What an absolute ballache.

2- Wolfenstein: The New Order & Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Uber/I am Death Incarnate Difficulties

Now I know I said levels to smash your controller, but it has to be said either of these games on their hardest difficulties should not be attempted unless you are a gaming god.  Any level of either game apart from the stealthier approaches. It is insane and certainly a way to drive you literally insane. Not for the noob ore even more experienced, and certainly not for me because I gave up on both of these on the most difficult settings. Great games but a step too far for this ageing gamer. Rated F for F*****g hard!

1-Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare – The Mile High Club- Veteran

Without question the hardest mission I think I have ever played on any FPS game. The time limit is set, you have to fight your way through a plane crammed full of bad guys to get to the end rescue a hostage and dive out of the plane to complete. I genuinely think it would be easier to accomplish in real life than playing this mission on Veteran. You die a lot. You have to get so good you could beat Neo in the Matrix! It is a ridiculous mission and one that I finally beat on the games original release after so many attempts it wouldn’t be worth counting. But the reason this is my number one is because I did actually smash a pad playing this mission. I made it right to the end after so many attempts on one occasion only to accidently shoot the hostage in the head by mistake, leading to a Xbox 360 pad in many different pieces.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and please keep in mind the games in this piece are from my own personal experience and in no way a factual representation of what the gaming community may feel. Please feel free to add your own levels of hate down in the comments below, and lets all share a prayer for those controllers that lost their lives during these moments!